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In accordance with Law 34/2002 of the Society Services Information and Electronic Commerce Law (LSSICE), in implementation of the Directive 2000/31/CE, of the European Parliament and Council, of the 8th of June, in relation to certain aspects of the Society Services Information Law; we hereby inform you that facilitates access to the Web page of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, henceforth TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, its services and contents, pertinent to the distribution of products for application in orthodontic surgery. In the same way, we inform you that TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS respects and observes current legal requirements.

Access to by any Internet user, implies that the user accepts and complies with the present conditions of the general services and of any other condition of service particular to the case.
The present site serves to publish and allow general access to all Users to the information, activities, products and various services, our own or those of third parties, offered by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS.

The access to certain Contents offered through this website may be subject to certain specific conditions which, depending on the case, substitute, complete and/or alter these general terms and conditions. Therefore, prior to accessing and/or using said Contents, the User must also read the relevant specific conditions carefully.





Access to our website is open and free for all Internet users.
The use of this website confers on the person browsing the website the status of User of the site and entails the adherence to the present terms and conditions in the version published at the time of accessing the same. Hence, TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS recommends that the User carefully reads the terms of use each time they access the Website.
TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS cannot be held liable for any damages occasioned by improper use of the service.



A visit to does not imply that the user is registered nor that they must facilitate data of a personal nature. When such data is required to be submitted, the website provides information about the nature, voluntary and obligatory, of the data input. In order to enjoy certain services the user is required to register.

By means of the information provided below TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, wishes you to be informed of the privacy policy applied with regard to your personal data.

TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, meets all the requirements established by the current regulations with regards to the protection of personal data, and all the data under our responsibility will be treated in accordance with the legal requirements, observing the necessary technical and organisational security measures in order to prevent them from being altered, lost, processed or accessed by unauthorised persons, taking into account current technology, in compliance with the obligation to secrecy, that guarantees the confidentiality of said data, in accordance with Regulation RD1720/2007, of the 21st December.

In conformance with Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection (LOPD), in the implementation of the European rule of the Directive 1995/46/CE of the European Parliament and Council, of the 24th October 1995, with regard to the protection of natural persons with respect to the treatment of personal data and the free circulation of such data, and the Directive 2002/58/CE of the European Parliament and Council, of 12 July 2002, we inform you that the personal data you provide us with, will be treated with confidentiality and incorporated into a data file under the responsibility of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, and will be principally dedicated to purposes related to the management of general administration, development, marketing and to provide information about the services and/or products of our company, unless you indicate the contrary during your contact with us, or even once it has terminated, by any media including email or similar.

On providing data of a personal nature the User is responsible for the veracity of the data provided. If you provide us with the personal data of a third party you should, prior to its inclusion, inform of and solicit consent to the terms and conditions here mentioned. With respect to information provided by minors, it is an essential requirement that the sender obtain the prior consent of a parent, tutor or legal representative in order that the personal data can be subject to automatic processing.

If required, your rights to access, correction, cancelation and objection, can be exercised by directing yourself in writing to TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, at C/ Villarroel, 216-218, 2º 4ª, 08036 Barcelona or by sending an e-mail to indicating that it is in reference to: Privacy Policy.

We hereby inform you that your personal data will not be disseminated or ceded to other companies without your prior consent, nor will it be used for commercial ends other that those mentioned here.

Our web page does not contain Hyperlinks that permit the communication of your data to other web pages, neither does it contain facilities for the invisible processing of personal data. This web site does not use ’Cookies’ (understood as all the characters that are stored on the hard disk or temporary memory of the user’s computer when the user accesses pages on certain websites) nor any application that permits the obtaining of personal data without the consent of the affected person.

This we understand to mean that on providing your data we are expressly authorized to carry out the processing of the treatment of your data in accordance with the above.


3. INTELECTUAL PROPERTY (Trade mark registry) is the domain name registered by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS. This domain name cannot be used, without previous express authorisation, in connection with other services not provided by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS in any way that might cause confusion for our clients or bring discredit upon TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS.

The whole Web site: description and characteristics, texts, images, brands, logotypes, navigation buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, order and presentation of its contents is protected under Spanish and International Intellectual and Industrial property law.

In no case does access to said website imply any type of renouncement, transmission, or total or partial surrender of the rights granted by the Spanish and International legislation on Intellectual and Industrial property law.
The reproduction (with the exception of temporary downloading from the Website to the hard drive of the user’s computer or to Proxy servers), copying, use, distribution, reuse, exploitation, making copies, sending by email, transmitting, altering, disclosure, or any other act performed on the totality or part of the information contained in this Website that has not been expressly authorised by the title holder, are prohibited.

The user undertakes to use the contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and in particular, to agree to abstain from deleting, evading or manipulating the ’copyright’ and other information identifying the rights of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS or of its title holders incorporated in the contents, such as the technical protection devices or any information mechanism that may be included in the contents. In this way the user will abstain from employing the contents and in particular, information of any class obtained by means of the website to send publicity, communications with commercial ends, unsolicited messages directed to several persons independently of the ends, and to abstain from marketing or divulging in any way said information.





The contents of this Website are of a general nature and as such are intended solely for information purposes with regards to our services and business activities, and shall not be deemed to constitute any kind of professional relationship with the user.

The user shall take into account that such material may not contain the latest updates. TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS may alter or eliminate the information contained on the website without prior warning. None of the information provided through this website shall have binding effect.

TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS shall not be liable for any decision taken by a user of the Website as a consequence of the information contained in it, especially with respect to the wiring technical specifications.
TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS accepts no liability for any information not produced by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS or not published in an authorised form on their behalf and under their name, nor shall it be deemed liable for inappropriate use of the contents, and reserves the right to, update, remove, limit or impede access to such information, temporarily or definitively.

Part of the Website may host advertising contents or may be sponsored. The advertisers and sponsors shall be solely liable for ensuring that the material sent for inclusion in the website complies with the laws applicable at each moment in time. TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS shall not be liable for any error, inaccuracy or irregularity that the advertising or sponsorship contents might contain. In any event, for any claim relating to the advertising Contents inserted on this website, please contact the following address.



The links introduced in are merely informative and therefore TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS does not control or verify any information, content, products or services provided through these Websites.

In consequence, TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS shall not be held liable for any aspect, especially the contents, related to these Web pages.



With regard to the links established by other web pages to this website and in this way if any user, entity or Web page wishes to establish any type of link with TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS as the destination they shall attend to the following stipulations:

– Before establishing the link authorisation must be solicited and expressly granted.

– Users may only be directed to the home page.

– The link must be absolute and complete, that is to say, it must completely cover the whole extension of the screen of the home page. In no case, except with the express written authorisation of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, may the web page that contains the link reproduce in any form the Website of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, include as part of its website or within one of it’s ’frames’ or create a ’browser’ about any of the Web pages.

– No type of erroneous or incorrect direction with regard to the web page of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS may be effected.

– If it is wished to draw attention to any of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS´s distinctive symbols, such as trademarks, logotypes and guarantees of origin, written authorisation must be obtained.

– The title holder of the web page offering the link must act in good faith and not attempt to negatively affect the reputation or good name of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS.

– It is prohibited, except with the express authorisation of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, to register elements of text of the trade mark or of the logotype, the name of the web domain or the social denomination of TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS, such as key words (’metatags’ or ’metanames’) for Website searches carried out by means of search engines.

TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS does not assume any liability for any aspect related to the Web page offering the link. The establishment of a link does not imply the existence of any type of relation or collaboration between TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS and the title holder of any such Web page.



TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS does not guarantee the reliability, availability or continuity of its website or the Contents. TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, including damage to computer systems, the introduction of viruses present on the web, derived from the browsing of the Internet necessary for the use of this Website.



With regard to browsing, the user undertakes to diligently and faithfully observe the recommendations established at the time by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS in relation to the use of the website. To these ends TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS will contact users by any means available through the website.

The User shall be liable for damages of any kind that may be caused to TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS as a result of non-compliance with any of the obligations he may be subject to under these terms and conditions or the applicable specific conditions.

The User shall not use any of the Contents made available to him by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS for the purpose of carrying out activities contrary to law, morality or public order. Website Users undertake to use the same in accordance with applicable legislation, the present terms and conditions, the specific terms and conditions of the supply of the service, ethical and behavioural codes, and the general rules of use of the Web. In accordance with this they will abstain from behaviours that appear in the following list, which is not exhaustive and is for illustrative purposes only:

  • (a) contravene, breach or threaten the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognised in the constitution, international treaties or the rest of the legal system;
  • (b) induce, incite or promote criminal, slanderous, defamatory, inflammatory, violent acts or those in general, contrary to law, morality, good practice or public order;
  • (c) induce, incite or promote acts, attitudes or ideas that are discriminatory on the grounds of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or status.
  • (d) incorporate illegal, violent, pornographic, degrading messages, or those in general, contrary to law, morality, good practice or public order;
  • (e) induce or result in an unacceptable state of fear or anxiety;
  • (f) induce or incite the involvement in dangerous or risky practices, or those harmful to health and mental equilibrium;
  • (g) are false, ambiguous, inexact, exaggerate or are unsuitable, in a way that might induce an error particularly about the informant’s object and intentions;
  • (h) are protected by whichever rights of intellectual and industrial property pertinent to third parties, without the user having previously obtained from the title holders the necessary authorisation to carry out the intended usage;
  • (i) reveal the business secrets of third parties;
  • (j) are contrary to the right to maintain one’s honour, personal and family intimacy or to a public image;
  • (k) infringe the rules on communication secrets;
  • (l) produce unlawful, misleading or unfair publicity and, which in general constitutes unfair competition;
  • (m) to provoke, by its nature (such as format, extension, etc.), difficulties in the normal functioning of the Service, or breach the technical requisites or specifications established for access to the Website.



TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS retains the rights to unilaterally alter the terms and conditions stipulated here, partially or completely. Any changes will appear in the same format found in this disclaimer.
The duration of this legal disclaimer coincides, as such, with the time of its publication, until such a time when it may be altered partially or completely by TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS

TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS reserves the right to unilaterally terminate, suspend or interrupt the operation of this Website, without resort to damages on the part of the user. Following said termination, the user must destroy any information on TECHNOLOGY IN BIOMATERIALS that is held in any format and that has been obtained from the website or through communication realised in individual form by the user.



Any disputes relating to this disclaimer will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona (Spain) and to the corresponding Spanish legislation