About us

Technology in Biomaterials is a Spanish company specialized in the field of Biomaterials for dental use.

It has the medical device manufacturing License
nº 6390 granted by AEMPS.

Investigation and development

Technology in Biomaterials is committed to its own research and development. Consequently, the company invests in professionals and qualified technologies, and encourages international cooperation.

This objective is based on the knowledge of the needs in the dental sector and in demonstrating its clinical efficacy.

For the development of its products, Technology in Biomaterials takes advantage of the valuable experience of renowned clinical professionals, research centers and Universities.


Technology in Biomaterials annually conducts internal audits and regularly audits its suppliers to ensure high quality standards.

Technology in Biomaterials, in accordance with the values of the company, inspects and verifies the materials during the whole production process in order to obtain effective solutions and guarantee the maximum reliability of its products.

Maintenance and quality

On a day-to-day basis, Technology in Biomaterials works with the highest exigency and rigor to ensure compliance with the standards defined in its control protocols. Technology in Biomaterials considers that maximum professional training of all collaborators is important.

How is the reliability of TechBiomat Bone® transmitted to the professional?

Science plays a fundamental role in this.

The scientific approach is an added value for professionals.
All analytical controls are carried out in certified laboratories.

Safety, our fundamental pillar

Xavier Grass, CEO Technology in Biomaterials

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Interested in buying?

You are only a few simple steps away from placing your order.

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